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Meet Olivia Hernández, certified real estate agent with over 20 years of experience in La Paz and the surrounding areas. As a bilingual agent who is very familiar with the entire process and potential pitfalls of buying property in Mexico, Olivia can set your mind at ease.

There are aspects of buying and selling real estate in Mexico that seem complicated and daunting. Olivia’s team can help you with every step of your transaction; from finding your home, obtaining the fideicomiso, dealing with the notario, right through to completion. Whatever your needs, they will give you the time and personal service you require to buy or sell your property.

As a long term resident of La Paz, Olivia is also very familiar with the various colonias within the city and can guide you in selecting a location that will meet your requirements. To get a better picture of La Paz and the local lifestyle, check out our Things to Know About La Paz page. The city offers everything from low maintenance condos to grand villas and of course—lots where you can build your dream home!

In recent years, the El Centenario community has become a favorite location for American and Canadian citizens to buy or build houses, either as vacation homes or as primary residences for retirement.

Our office is located on Calle Agustin Olachea s/n El Centenario La Paz, Baja California Sur, ZIP 23205.
For more information about all the opportunities to enjoy the Baja lifestyle, contact us today.

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